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Help Wanted- BPRA Trustees and Treasurer


The Bel Pre Recreational Association -- the community organization that runs and maintains the swimming pool and other recreational facilities at 13920 Bethpage Lane -- is on the lookout for anyone who would be interested in serving as Treasurer or as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Treasurer -- The Board of Trustees recently decided to hire American Community Management (ACM) to serve as the BPRA's bookkeeper. The Treasurer will oversee the work that ACM will be doing for our association. Translating the monthly financial statement from ACM into English is an important part of the duties. Also, the Treasurer (along with the President) must sign off on each bill before it is paid. You don't have to be a budget analyst, accountant, CPA, attorney, or scientist to do the job -- but it doesn't hurt.

The Treasurer is elected by the Board of Trustees serves for a 1 year term. The current term is scheduled to end early this December. You do not have to be a member of the Board of Trustees to be Treasurer. The Board hopes to elect the new Treasurer at its early August meeting.

If you are interested in more information, contact Elliot Chabot at (301) 871-1113 or echabot@usa.net

Member of the Board of Trustees -- We need do-ers. If you're a do-er, it doesn't matter what skills you walk in the door with, we are looking for you!

We have a 9-member Board of Trustees. Each member serves a staggered 3-year term, so every year 3 seats co up for election. This year all 3 of the current officeholders have announced that they do not intend to seek re-election.

The Board normally meets 1-2 times a month. Each Board member is expected to participate in the Board meetings and also participate on at least one of the committees or projects of the Association.

Election of Trustees will take place in November at the BPRA annual meeting, but the Nominating Committee is looking for candidates now. It is the goal of the Nominating Committee to find at least 6 candidates for the 3 positions, by early August.

If you have any interest in perhaps serving on the Board - please contact Elliot Chabot at (301) 871-1113 or echabot@usa.net


Elliot Chabot, President

Bel Pre Recreational Association

Christopher Jennison