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About BPRA

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About Bel Pre Recreational Association, Inc.

The Bel Pre Recreational Association, Inc. (BPRA) functions as the neighborhood’s homeowners association. Historically, the board’s primary function has been managing the community recreation property — your pools, tennis courts, volleyball, playgrounds, picnic area, basketball court, bath house, snack bar and pavilion on the Association’s property.  The main pool property is open from the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend through the end of Labor Day Weekend every.  The tennis courts are year-round.

The Association currently charges an annual assessment of $225 per household, which is payable in March.  The fee is tied to deeds of Association members.  The Association is governed by several documents, which can be found on the Governing Documents page.

BPRA Trustees

You may contact the BPRA Board via the Contact Us page.


  • Brenda Henry, Administrative Assistant, 301-871-6298

  • Rita Vaught, Assistant Treasurer, 206-406-2871

  • Louisa Hoar, Pavilion Usage/Tennis Court Keys, 301-871-2954


  • Elliot Chabot, President

  • Greg Miller, Vice President

  • Patrick Welteroth, Treasurer

  • Mark Foraker, Secretary


  • Ted Bechtol

  • Chris Jennison

  • Steve Jennison

  • Karen Purdy

  • Billy Ruppert

  • Larry Vaught

  • Megan Virga


Important BPRA Information

Governing Documents

Meeting Minutes

Monthly Financial Statements

Legal Proceedings

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