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Help Wanted- BPRA Trustees and Treasurer

The Bel Pre Recreational Association -- the community organization that runs and maintains the swimming pool and other recreational facilities at 13920 Bethpage Lane -- is on the lookout for anyone who would be interested in serving as Treasurer or as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Treasurer -- The Board of Trustees recently decided to hire American Community Management (ACM) to serve as the BPRA's bookkeeper. The Treasurer will oversee the work that ACM will be doing for our association. Translating the monthly financial statement from ACM into English is an important part of the duties. Also, the Treasurer (along with the President) must sign off on each bill before it is paid. You don't have to be a budget analyst, accountant, CPA, attorney, or scientist to do the job -- but it doesn't hurt.

The Treasurer is elected by the Board of Trustees serves for a 1 year term. The current term is scheduled to end early this December. You do not have to be a member of the Board of Trustees to be Treasurer. The Board hopes to elect the new Treasurer at its early August meeting.

If you are interested in more information, contact Elliot Chabot at (301) 871-1113 or echabot@usa.net

Member of the Board of Trustees -- We need do-ers. If you're a do-er, it doesn't matter what skills you walk in the door with, we are looking for you!

We have a 9-member Board of Trustees. Each member serves a staggered 3-year term, so every year 3 seats co up for election. This year all 3 of the current officeholders have announced that they do not intend to seek re-election.

The Board normally meets 1-2 times a month. Each Board member is expected to participate in the Board meetings and also participate on at least one of the committees or projects of the Association.

Election of Trustees will take place in November at the BPRA annual meeting, but the Nominating Committee is looking for candidates now. It is the goal of the Nominating Committee to find at least 6 candidates for the 3 positions, by early August.

If you have any interest in perhaps serving on the Board - please contact Elliot Chabot at (301) 871-1113 or echabot@usa.net


Elliot Chabot, President

Bel Pre Recreational Association

Christopher Jennison
Pool Reopens at 4:30 today 5/29

The pump of the main pool was replaced this afternoon.

The 25 year old pump for the main pool has given up the ghost.  The main pool will be closed on Wednesday (5/29) until 4:30 pm.  A new pump is scheduled to be installed that day.

The kids pool, pavilion, play equipment, pirate ship, bathhouse, and everything else remains open..

Very sorry for the inconvenience. 

Christopher Jennison
Proposed Pool Rule Revisions

The current pool rules were adopted 25 years ago.  For the last year, the BPRA's Governing Documents Committee has been working on developing an updated version that reflects current actual practices, current County requirements for community pools, and -- we hope -- the expectations of the community.

Linked is a draft proposal that the Committee has developed.  Your comments and suggestions for additional modifications would be greatly appreciated.  We want to get this right!

In addition to covering the pool rules, the proposal also include the tennis court rules, the pavilion rules, and the parking lot rules.

Contact Elliot Chabot with any questions.

Pool Rules Draft

Christopher Jennison
BPRA Dues Letter & Questions

Dear Neighbor:

Your payment of $225 was due March 1st, 2019, for the BRPA annual assessment. You should have received a print letter in the mail, as well as an email possibly, instructing you how to pay your $225 assessment on time.

Why must this be paid?

Your payment is required by law. There is a land-use covenant attached to your property deed, which is recorded in the Montgomery County Land Records. When you bought your home, you accepted the legal responsibility to pay this assessment as long as you own the home. Copies of the covenants are available on the Strathmore Bel Pre community website: https://www.StrathmoreBelPre.org/government-documents/, under the “Covenants – Bel Pre Recreational Association” heading.

What is the benefit?

The annual assessment pays for your recreational facilities maintenance and their operation on the Association’s property at 13920 Bethpage Lane. The pool will be open from Saturday, May 25 until Labor Day, Monday, September 2. The tennis and basketball courts are open year-round. Our marvelous facilities are for your use and enjoyment and are great way to be part of our Association, and to meet your neighbors.

How do I pay?

We strongly encourage you to pay via Quickbooks Online E-Billing. Quickbooks Online E-Billing allows the treasurer to provide an electronic invoice to your email address for the collection of your HOA annual dues which can be paid via ACH bank transfer/E-Check at no additional charge. This electronic process will save the volunteer BPRA Treasurer plenty of time. You may also pay by check, if you prefer. Whether you pay by Quickbooks Online E-Billing or by check, please fill out and return the form on the back of this letter. Mail the form to The Bel Pre Recreational Association, Inc., P.O. Box 6370, Silver Spring, MD 20916-6370.

May I pay late?

If you have not paid your assessment by March 31, the Association is required by a County Government order to charge an additional 6% per annum interest. Also, there is a $22.50 late fee and any additional costs of collection.

What happens if I do not pay?

The Association will put a lien on your property deed. Additional costs of collection, including attorneys’ fees, court filing fees, etc., will be added to the amounts you owe, and must be paid in addition to each of any unpaid annual assessment amounts.

Questions? If you have any questions about the assessment or about BRPA, please call BPRA President Elliot Chabot at (301) 871-1113, or email the BPRA Treasurer.

Christopher Jennison
Winter 2019 Bugle is here!

The Winter 2019 Bugle is now out! Make sure you catch the latest news on the 2nd Spring Thing, Aspen Hill Vision Zero, Memorial Trees and our Facebook page, plus more!

  • A big thanks as always to our advertisers:
    Robert Pence Remodeling
    Paulette Thibadeau Ladas
    Lilla L. Hammond and Michael Hammond 
    Barrie School
    Tim Horst Team of Long & Foster Real Estate
    Ballou Gardening

You can read the bugle here: Winter 2019 Bugle.

Christopher Jennison
2019 Annual Meeting Recap

Thanks to all who came out to our Annual BPRA and Civic Association meetings tonight. In addition to a presentation by Maren Hill of the Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission about the Aspen Hill Vision Zero Study, we held elections. Congratulations to the new Board members:

President: Elliot Chabot
Vice President: Greg Miller
Treasurer: Patrick Welteroth
Secretary: Mark Foraker
New Board Members: Steve Jennison, Ted Bechtol (Incumbent), and Karen Purdy (Incumbent)

Civic Association:
New Board Members: Linda Bea (Incumbent), John Bogasky (Incumbent), Elliot Chabot (Incumbent), Lilla Hammond (Incumbent), Chris Swan (Incumbent)

Bylaws Amendment

A BPRA bylaws amendment as also passed that allows proxies to be counted in determining whether a quorum is present at General Membership meetings. Previously, proxies are only allowed to be used in voting on changes in the assessments.

Christopher Jennison
Successful first Trunk or Treat!

Thanks to all who came out to the first SBP Trunk or Treat event on Halloween, and special thanks to Elizabeth Kominski for her work in organizing and leading the event!

Join us for our next successful community event!

Christopher Jennison
Swim Team Stroke & Turn Judges Needed

We are in need of more Stroke and Turn Judges. If you are interested in training to be a Stroke & Turn Judge, Starter or Referee, or would like more information about what a Stroke & Turn Judge does, please contact Meet Manager Karen Purdy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 7-9pm - Starter/Referee Training at SBP. Sign up link will be available soon. Must already be certified in Stroke & Turn to take this class.

Monday, June 4, 2018, 6:30-9pm - Stroke & Turn Judge Training at SBP. Sign up link will be available soon. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY to take this class. Some knowledge of swimming strokes helpful. After taking the class, you will shadow an experienced S&T Judge to learn the ropes. You will only judge a meet when you feel comfortable doing so.

1st Saturdays at the Movies Announced!

Get excited for our First Saturdays at the Movies Series!

Mark your calendars! The first Saturday night of each month this summer will be movie night at the pool. The following Sunday is the rain date. All movies start at dusk, between 8:30 and 8:45 pm, earlier in September. 

Please Support our Movies and Concerts!
1st Saturdays at the Movies and our Summer Concerts are only possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Their support helps us to cover the costs of licensing movies, hiring performers, and maintaining our equipment. Please contact SBPCA Treasurer John Bogasky at johnbogasky@hotmail.com to join our sponsors. Your support can help grow and sustain this new SBP tradition.