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The Bugle

The Bugle: Your neighborhood news.

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Currently, the Bugle comes out 4 times a year, with the issues revolving around Strathmore Bel Pre Community events.  Around 800 copies of each issue are printed in paper, and distributed throughout our Community through the efforts of volunteer distributors.  The process of distribution takes about 1 month.


  • Spring- Yard Sale and early Summer events

  • Summer- July 4th events and Summer events

  • Fall- Elections for BPRA and SBCA trustees/directors

  • Winter- Election results and planning for the year


To learn more about The Bugle, please feel free to contact Editor Chris Swan 301-871-1113, or cswan@usa.net.

For advertising matters, please contact John Bogasky, at johnbogasky@hotmail.com.


You can view all editions of The Bugle below. Each of the following links will open that edition in a new tab or window, where you may read the edition or search the issue for any terms.