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2019 Annual Meeting Recap


Thanks to all who came out to our Annual BPRA and Civic Association meetings tonight. In addition to a presentation by Maren Hill of the Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission about the Aspen Hill Vision Zero Study, we held elections. Congratulations to the new Board members:

President: Elliot Chabot
Vice President: Greg Miller
Treasurer: Patrick Welteroth
Secretary: Mark Foraker
New Board Members: Steve Jennison, Ted Bechtol (Incumbent), and Karen Purdy (Incumbent)

Civic Association:
New Board Members: Linda Bea (Incumbent), John Bogasky (Incumbent), Elliot Chabot (Incumbent), Lilla Hammond (Incumbent), Chris Swan (Incumbent)

Bylaws Amendment

A BPRA bylaws amendment as also passed that allows proxies to be counted in determining whether a quorum is present at General Membership meetings. Previously, proxies are only allowed to be used in voting on changes in the assessments.

Christopher Jennison